Step 3 - Apply SHARC Framework
Back to Back
Exploratory Back to Back Bar Chart
Use a exploratory back to back with SHARC to show the data story of 2 groups that have subcategories.
For example, apply the SHARC framework to guide viewers in exploring the2020 occupational breakdown by gender in the UK.
- Name what the dataset is.
Axis label
- Include a label for X and Y axes.
Apply SHARC Framework
Don'ts - Hierarchy
The title is very specific with parts of the data highlighted. These choices will direct your viewers down a certain data story path.
Do's - Hierarchy
The title supports viewers exploring all of the data. Font size and boldness and color choice combine to create a visual path to support the title.
Don'ts - Scale
Changing scale and labeling would make it difficult to compare the two sides.
DO's - Scale
Make sure the scales and labels on both sides are the same.
Don'ts- Readability
The X axis numbering is too small to read. It is generally recommended to use sans-serif for digital displays because serif can be hard to read.
Do's - Readability
Using concise and accurate language, fonts that are easy to read, and eliminating unnecessary words or visuals allows the viewer to focus on the data.
Don'ts - Color
Using a bright-dull combination would make one data set prominent compared to the other. Additionally, the lighter color may not meet accessibility requirements.
Do's - Color
If you use more than one color, make sure they work to support your title. In this example, two subcategories are being highlighted, so it needs two non-competing colors to highlight the data in those subcategories. (See References & Resources > Accessibility & Color to learn more about color and accessibility.) Non-text contrast ratio of at least 3:1 is suggested for accessibility by WCAG 2.1.
Dont's - Axis
Randomized orders make it difficult to compare trends.
Do's - Axis
Arrange the categories in ascending/descending order to look for patterns.
Compare with Bar Chart
Bar charts are good for comparisons, but when you have 2 groups with subcategories, it can become cluttered and difficult to read.
Back to back charts are good for comparing 2 groups with subcategories.