01. What is SHARC?
SHARC: A Beginner’s Framework and Guide for Designing Data Graphs and Charts.
02. Why use SHARC?
Throughout your academic and professional careers, there will be situations where efficiently navigating and understanding visual information, such as charts and graphs, will be just as important as navigating and understanding textual information. Creating visual information will  also be critical to your professional success. SHARC: A Beginner’s Framework and Guide for Designing Data Graphs and Charts offers 3 simple steps for understanding and applying introductory data graph and chart design concepts. We understand that what we offer is introductory and encourage you to dig deeper into the Reference & Resources section (and beyond) in order to experiment with design from a place of informed decision making.
03. What can you learn from SHARC?
How to effectively navigate viewers through your data graphs and charts.
04. Our Team
Sarah Huber
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Sarah Huber is an assistant professor and engineering technology information specialist for the physical sciences, engineering, and technology division of the Purdue Libraries. In this position, she collaborates with faculty and students in the areas of information literacy, scholarly communication, data management, and research. Professor Huber’s research focuses on maker programming, visual literacy, and ways in which creativity can be fostered during the research process.
Prakash Shukla
Ph.D. Student, Purdue University
Prakash is a PhD student at Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University. His research interest includes Human Computer Interaction, Data Visualization, and Cognition. He's a UX Designer by profession and has previously worked at Samsung R&D, Amazon, and Cisco Systems.
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